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Past Events at Foley Mountain!

Friday, July 7, 2017 — Tapas Evening Fundraiser at Scheuermann Winery

Friends of Foley would ike to thank all who purchased a ticket and for their enthusiasm and partiipaton to make this evening such a tremendous success — click here for thank you and list of participants

  • IMG_6924Gathering Crowd copy
  • IMG_6905The Chefs copy
  • IMG_6903On the Grill copy
  • IMG_6886The Guys copy
  • IMG_6883Vinyard copy
  • IMG_6871Rainbow good luck copy
  • IMG_6866Ready to go copy
  • IMG_6846Hard at Work copy
  • IMG_6841Veggie kebobs copy
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  • IMG_6830Looking Out from Tent copy
IMG_6924Gathering Crowd copy1 IMG_6905The Chefs copy2 IMG_6903On the Grill copy3 IMG_6886The Guys copy4 IMG_6883Vinyard copy5 IMG_6871Rainbow good luck copy6 IMG_6866Ready to go copy7 IMG_6846Hard at Work copy8 IMG_6841Veggie kebobs copy9 IMG_6833Prep Workers copy10 IMG_6830Looking Out from Tent copy11 by v8.6m

Friday, August 28, 2015 — Friends of Foley Mountain Dinner and Auction

The Friends of Foley Mountain would like to thank all those who participated in their fundraising auction on August 28. — click here for thank you and list of participants